Student Testimonial - Demishan Duderstadt

Posted on 8/29/22 by Demishan Duderstadt | Revolution Dojo

Student Testimonial - Demishan Duderstadt

I recently started training with BJJ Revolution Team under Professor Alex Lane in Alvin, Tx at Stillwaters Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have been in martial arts most of my life and primarily training jiu jitsu for about 7 years now. Since joining the team and training under Alex Lane I have seen a major improvement in all areas of my game as well as my physical and mental ability. Alex's teaching is to the point but also very detailed in pointing out all the little adjustments of each technique to improve the efficacy of them. These little details matter so much and not all teachers have the ability to translate this to their students. The culture and atmosphere built around the BJJ Revolution Team is very open minded and a world class training atmosphere. Students from all over the world train under Professor Jeff Messina and the team he has built in the Houston area. I have personally trained at Revolution Dojo in Katy (under Professor Jeff Messina), Stillwaters Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (under Professor Alex Lane) and at Revolution Dojo Heights (Under Professor Dinko Bektic) and all these places have an incredible and supportive training atmosphere whether you are a competitor, there for self-defense, a hobbyist or you’re simply looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you are an adult or wanting to get your child into jiu jitsu, judo or muay thai this is the team to be a part of. The instruction and the accountability will mold you into a true martial artist. Your confidence, mental health, physical health and overall character will improve so much through the art of jiu jitsu that you will become a better person all around.

Jiu Jitsu has changed my life for the better in every way. In my first year doing jiu jitsu I lost over 45lbs going from 190lbs overweight to 145 lbs and 2 years later winning the Pan American Championships (something I never thought possible). It has helped me hold myself accountable and become a better father, husband, son and businessman. The persistence and grind that comes along with the art of jiu jitsu hardens you mentally and physically making so many other life tasks that would normally be difficult seem effortless and simple. Some people say there is no cure all drug out there but I would argue that jiu jitsu is close to it. My entire family now trains jiu jitsu and competes and I can not wait to see the life accomplishments of my children with the support of their family and team (family as well) and all the life lessons that this wonderful art brings. Don’t think, just do it!

The team has also supported our small business and given us a platform to spread our message. We own and operate a legal seed-2-sale hemp farm and have a line of products that help with athletes’ recovery and the normal persons battle with pain, inflammation, sleep and an array of other ailments. Our goal and mission is to de-stigmatize the use of cannabis and spotlight the athletes, academics and every day professionals that use cannabis as an alternative to other potentially damaging pharmaceuticals. We also sponsor many Jiu jitsu athletes’ kids and adults so they can focus on what they love to do and we can reduce some financial stress involved and give them an additional platform to be recognized.

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