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Frequently Asked Questions @ Revolution Dojo

Will my agreement automatically end?
- No, you must submit an email to terminate your agreement 30 days out or your membership will continue at your current rate.

Is there a late payment fee?
- Yes, any declined payments will be charged a $15 fee.

Should I tell the instructor if my child has special needs?
- Yes, please let the main instructor know how we can tailor our teaching approach to your child in order to provide the most learning conducive environment and ensure a positive experience.

Once I sign up, can I train unlimited?
- Yes, you can train unlimited in whatever style you sign up for.

Do I need a GI (uniform) to start training?
- No, start training as soon as you sign up but, be prepared to purchase a GI within a couple of weeks of training as we are a GI oriented school.

Can I train at both locations if I sign up at one?
- Yes, we have a team training every Saturday that rotates between our Katy and Houston locations.

Are the children allowed to spar?
- Yes, kids in the class are closely monitored and their matches are supervised.

Does Revolution teach submissions to all ages?
- Yes, students will learn age appropriate submissions right away.

Do we follow the IBJJF belt system?
- Yes, we adhere to the IBJJF guidelines for belt promotions

Does Revolution encourage their students to compete?
- Yes, while we don't force our students to compete, we do encourage it. our students travel the world to compete in BJJ tournaments and our kids compete all over Texas frequently.

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