How to be a Leader in BJJ

Posted on 3/20/20 | Revolution Dojo

How to be a Leader in BJJ

One does not have to go far to see what is going on in Houston and around the country. The News is constantly painting a picture of the pandemic that has led several of us to approach everyday activities as if it is the end of the world. I for one recognize how hard it is to manage and certainly want to protect my family by preparing as much as possible but I do believe we all should be aware of our impact on others.

That said, I think we could all practice the following and be the LEADERS that no one sees!

Eat well – this is not the time to allow your stress to overtake what you already now. For the benefit of your family, continue to eat quality meats, wholesome greenie vegetables and take in good fats such as avocado, seed and nuts.

Hydration with limited caffeine and alcohol – Caffeine and alcohol for me personally increases my anxiety. When you couple that with all the coronavirus stuff, that is a perfect cocktail for some bad feelings. When you want some coffee, take in a big cup of water first...if you like tequila (this is me) have a cup of water before the vanilla finish of a tasty shot. I am not saying don’t drink caffeine and alcohol instead use them as a queue to consume water then maybe have a glass.

Sleep – continue or improve upon this habit. Make sure your room is at a good temperature, choose a book over TV, make sure it is dark, snuggle with your significant other. Establishing a bedtime will increase your chance of a good night sleep.

Training – stay at it. If you are concerned, talk to your coach. Maybe take a private, maybe ask for drills that can be practiced at home. Utilize the fitness area in Katy. Now is NOT the time to quit what you have been working hard for! Jiu jitsu does so much more than just learning protect yourself, it can and with consistency will ease your mind!

Spirituality – be kind, be mindful, be sensitive, be giving, be chivalrous. Hold the door open for someone! Allow someone to cut in line! Say Hi! Say Thank you! And when needed be a beast!

We are the leaders! We are the ones that show others how we all should carry ourselves during high stress moments! Continue to practice what our coaches try to show us every day, the art of Jiu jitsu!

Jeff Messina

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