Respect in the Gym

Posted on 8/17/21 | Revolution Dojo

Respect in the Gym


1. (BJJ NORM}You can't ask a higher belt to roll/ can't turn down a roll from a higher belt. In some gyms you ask a higher belt to roll, specifically a black belt, you could be perceived as disrespectful or challenging and could get a beat down. I'd advise you while traveling to gyms you don't know to not do this but you can ask me or the other higher belts for a roll and if I'm up for it we will, or not I'll catch you another time. We are not at your disposal to train on the drop of the dime with everyone but I personally like it if someone wants to train with me. Now if you turn me down you may not get asked again anytime soon.


WOMEN, you can and should turn down anyone one you feel uncomfortable with at any time as well as bring it to my attention or Veronica's if someone gives you weird vibes or is not sportsmanlike.


yes you can show up late, put you will be doing burpees. Less if you start doing them without being told and less if your not regularly late. I understand traffic, work etc. but its mostly bad time management and if your a higher belt students are looking to you as the example of what right looks like.

Jeff Messina

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