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What are your standards in life and on the mat? Back in the 90's and early 2000's being a black belt meant you fought gi, no gi, and most even MMA. You traveled to Brazil to compete and train, you honored your team and professor. You cross trained maybe but never quit your team. You won every belt. That was my path.

I don't expect you to do the same as me but I will hold you to what I feel is your best effort and ability. Just being a good person won't get you a black belt, just being a great fighter won't get you a black belt. I'm looking for a mastery of technique, honor, integrity, mastery of self, being fit as you can, and time in grade. Ok, so what if you can't compete? You better be a subject matter expert and be able to teach me something and be a mentor/leader to others.

What I'm seeing more than ever is the dilution of what it means to be a black belt in our sport. Guys are getting promoted without any of the above criterias completed. They are being promoted for the sake of expanding a team, putting income in someone's pocket and other reasons. This in turn is creating a cycle of shitty bjj. What will the standards of the subpar black belt be? It will be lower. Unfortunately anyone can open a school fooling the customer about what is real bjj and what isn't.

As for us, our standards will only get harder, you will earn your belt and your place on this team because we represent a lot more than the color of your belt. We are in the business of making better more successful people through real martial arts, not just fighters but trust me you will be that too.

Jeff Messina

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