What Does Competition Level Mean?

Posted on 1/7/20 | Revolution Dojo

What Does Competition Level Mean?

What Does Competition Level Mean?

Lunch class today was very enlightening.

During the middle of class a prospective member walked in and asked “what type of gym is this? Is it competitive?” Professor answered the question with a very inclusive answer...”yes, some members compete, some members want a work out, some members want to lose weight, some members want to have a better relationship with their kids but the most important thing we try to convey, is no matter the level of the individual, we are friends.”

I agree with Professor 100% and of course, that is the best part of training...making friends.

However, that question got me thinking about competition. What does it mean exactly? Naturally, the right place to start is Google, “define competition”. Merriam-Webster dictionary provides several definitions for competition but most tend to think and agree with the following:

“a contest between rivals”

This definition certainly holds true. Competition in jiu jitsu is applying for tournaments to complete along fellow jiu jitsu practitioners to test skill. This is a very admirable way to view, live and practice bjj.

For me, I tend to look at competition with a slight spin. Competition in my view is to live every day well. Burn stress, become physical, become technical, etc. This is a great start. But as I look more inward, competition also means an opportunity to maintain health, hang out with my kids, play soccer with them, help with homework and of course, love on my wife.

I chose Revolution Dojo because they allow me to practice and compete in this way. I get to learn and carry over what I learn in how I approach my wife, kids, home and work. I chose Revolution Dojo because even on your best day the dojo can make you humble! I chose Revolution Dojo because on your worse day the dojo will allow you to walk out with your head held high.

Practicing Jiu Jitsu and competing while training Jiu jitsu is more than just a tournament here and there, it is one in which a practitioner can find a place that helps foster everything else outside of the arena...water to the apple seed.

Train and compete well!

Joe Sims – Revolution Pinemont member with an extremely long break. Yes, I am the Blue Belt that “disappeared”.

Source: “Competition.” Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster. Accessed November 7, 2019. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/competition.

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